What is beau BOXX?

Oud in Arabic is pronounced as “oudh”. It contains a precious scent that is created from the oils in agarwood. Agarwood is one of the world’s rarest woods, created by a reaction, making the scent unique.

Beau Boxx was started with a passion for all things classy, elegant and captivating to the senses. Oudh is typically burned in charcoal to derive the exotic aroma through the rich, thick, fragrant smoke, however it can be seen as time consuming. While the unique scent of oudh was the drive and sharing this scent with the world was the goal, a solution that was effortless and feasible was required. And just like that Beau Boxx was born, with the idea that not only can one easily order and use products with this exotic scent but have the option of packaging it in a BEAUtiful boxx ready to gift.

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